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Who we are

Platinum Q DAO Engineering is a top custom software development company which a great experience providing unmatched solutions for our clients. We give real business value through engineering-based solutions model that offers innovative and cost-effective software development solutions to complex challenges.

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How we provide the software you need. Why Platinum Q DAO Engineering?

Our strength is our employees, with vast experience in executing numerous projects in diverse technology and business domains, we are true technology practitioners and keep up with the fast-changing technology domain. We help you to discover, develop, and deliver the right technology for the right task.

Effective & Efficient

We bring the right expertise at the right time. We do not hire and assign individuals to our customers. Instead, we leverage the expertise of our team as a whole.


More than 5 years in software development. Moreover, we are pioneers in cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain.


Our team is based in 19 countries. Therefore, we don't have barriers or shortcomings that come with outsourcing.


We can tailor our processes to your needs. We'll find an arrangement that works best for you.


We incorporate your team into the process to meet your goals.

Move Fast

As a new-age company, we move with agility throughout.

Only Certified team


Dedicated Development teams

Dedicated Development teams

The ability to scale business

Proven specialists with strong skills

Experience in the full-cycle development

Fully configurable team

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

iOS, Android, cross-platform mobile app development

Improving an existing client application

Best possible and trending technologies

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Software Development

Fully-customized solutions for exact enterprise’s aims

Global development of an entire ecosystem

Convenient and smart decisions for high-quality data governance

The ability to catalyze a business with indisputable software

Software Testing and QA

Software Testing and QA

Selection of the necessary testing for the best result

The ability to conduct in-depth product analysis

Lowest level of risks with a highly accurate results

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Technology Stack


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