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A new way of selling tokens through MLM

You will get a prepared fundraising system in 1,5 month

Increase sales
What is MLM?

What do we do?

We implement MLM into your business to achieve a result

Preparations for the sales start

  • Forming goals for MLM direction
  • Finding out the client’s type
  • Creating USP for every type of clients
  • Developing partner’s rewards MLM strategies
  • Developing strategies on attracting MLM’s leaders
  • Creating packages (proposal for the investor)
  • Forming a content plan for social media
  • Creating an investment proposition for future investors (Invest opinion)
  • Developing promotional campaign
  • Creating presentations and script for webinars
  • Combining Invest opinion, MLM proposal, package offer for investor, presentation, and webinar as a guide to an independent performance with a certain result.

Testing customer demand

  • Testing customer demand
  • Programming MLM marketing on Platinum's platform
  • Unique design
  • Managing social networks during the cooperation period
  • Development, creation, and realization of the sales funnel
  • Creation of video materials and content
  • Creating advertisement materials, Landing Pages, Banners and Advertisement campaigns
  • Attracting at least 10.000 subscribers for detecting client's conversion rate
  • Conducting at least 10 webinars
  • Conducting first sales.
  • Analyzing the results


  • Scaling MLM strategies on Europe, Asia, USA's market.
  • Attracting new subscribers from different sources, expanding the first line in MLM's structure
  • Conducting automatic webinars on 3-5 languages daily
  • Applying promotion for a rapid subscriber growth

In what time?

Achieving a result in less than a year

2.5 months from the start

Approving the concept, opening up a company

5 months from the start

Getting a project onto a break-even point (Operational self-sufficiency)

12 months from the start

Collecting a soft cap

Start from today

Any more questions?

We already answered them!

Will it work?

According to research made by BFH in 2016, the second most popular project had no cryptocurrency or product marketing, however, it was selling educational packages together with tokens in its cabinet. Entrepreneurs of the MLM industry like reliable investments with partner's rewards. This is the kind of product we are going to provide for our future partners.

What are the guarantees?

We guarantee that we will be developing according to the Roadmap. We do not guarantee to achieve 100% sales rates. We will be meeting difficulties on our way occasionally, but we will get through, thanks to our experienced developer's team, great supporting team, and advisers, who proved their knowledge in MLM before.

Is there a prepayment?

We create an advertising campaign from nearly nothing. There will be a need to invest into the publicity (attracting partners), the technical side of the project (sites, webinars, conference organization), that means that we will require prepayment from the first day of the roadmap. Full payment is divided into three parts and is required for 90 days.

What kind of MLM will we get?

We fully accept all obligations related to MLM. You will only need to fulfill the promises given to the investors of your token. Your company has nothing to do with our MLM company. We are private investors who bought your tokens and will sell them as we see fit.

How much funds do we attract?

Our experience shows that to attract one MLM leader, at least 1000$ needs to be spent, and this will attract an average of 2000 followers, which will result in 200k$ turnover. According to businessforhome.org, an average MLM leader makes 20k$ a month, which tells us that a turnover of a follower's network he created makes at least 150k$. We expect to attract a minimum of 500k$ for your startup.

Project's requirements?

Your project should have a minimal set: Listing with a KYC pass, Whitepaper, a team of at least three people with experience in the sphere of work, advisers from marketing, business development, your startup's niches that achieved either a success or a failure (which is not a bad thing), MVP (discussed individually), Deployed smart contract and invest opinion.

How much can you raise?

you can raise $4 000 000
$100 000 000

Your soft cap

$25 000 000

$500 000
$100 000 000

Your hardcap


$500 000
$100 000 000

Is token already issued?

Do you have code on Github?

Do you have publications?

Do you have a listing with KYC?

Do you have contracts with exchanges?

Do you have whitepaper?

Increase sales




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