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Leader in Fintech Software Development in APAC region


Who we are

Platinum Engineering is a new generation tech incubator with a background in networking that provides top grade expertise to future FinTech stars. With our ready-made Fintech solutions and our individualized approach to every client, we help new projects take the first steps towards success.

Our diversified team of professionals can provide your project with all the necessary starting tools, from basic FinTech primitives to inspiring new partnerships. Our goal is to attract the boldest and most talented in the industry and ensure their sustainable development.

We most likely can’t solve all your problems. But we can give you valuable help.

CEO of Platinum Software Development company

Why Platinum Engineering?

White Label solutions

We don’t put our stamp on faceless projects and we know being unique is important. This is why we offer White Label solutions, to allow your project to be the front door to your services. From FinTech primitives to complex Distributed Ledger platforms — find the most suitable products to represent your company and attract your ultimate users.

Global presence

Our team is spread across 21 countries and our projects come from all over the globe. We do not have the barriers or the shortcomings that come with outsourcing. Global presence is not a challenge. It is an advantage.


Full Stack Developer & Rising Star

Cutting-edge economy

Tokenomics can be tricky – one little mistake and your efforts are rendered futile. We have specialists and algorithms to help you build a sustainable economic model using AMM, bonding curves and other approaches. A detailed economics plan extending out a few years is what you need at the very beginning.

Financial security

As soon as your token goes public, it becomes a target. The most important indicator of sustainable growth for your company is the stable growth of your token’s price. To secure it from malicious market speculations, we develop smart automated trading systems that prevent a coin’s value from falling dramatically.


Front-End Fairy

Project rollout

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. No matter how good and seamless your back-end is, you won’t reach users with a bad layout. Not only do we use the latest front-end developments, we also tailor the presentation of your product to the specifics of your market segment.


DeFi is not easy for the end user. You don’t want your clients to get lost in your services. We know how to help you design an interface that is suitable for all categories of users and their devices. There is literally no limit for us — we go as far as AAA-level games and in-browser animations.






Mobile App Development

iOS, Android, Cross-platform

Improving an existing application

Trending technologies


Accelerate Product Time to Market

Decrease Overall Project Costs

Quick Respond to Market Changes

Software Testing and QA

Wide range of testing tools

In-depth product analysis

The lowest level of risks

IT Consulting

Digital transformation consulting

Optimization and digitalization

Customer loyalty and retention

Dedicated Dev Teams

Scale your business

Fully configurable team

Proven specialists with strong skills

Enterprise Software Development

Fully-customized solutions

High-quality data governance

Catalyzing a business with indisputable software

UI and UX Services

Attractiveness for the clients

Functionality combined with utility

Experience and creativity in every interface

Distributed Ledger

Consulting Enterprise DApp

Development Custom Development & Integration