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Mobile Banking App

Mobile App for managing personal Embily account

STATUS: Finished


The Embily company provides a wide range of blockchain technology-based services and optimizes its internal processes using blockchain. Their clients can gain access to different management tools, affiliate program optimization, white label portals, blockchain integration help as well as blockchain analytics. Embily is a project of B-I-G.PRO PTE. LTD., an international company oriented to blockchain financial projects.


The crypto market capitalization exceeded $200B long ago but the methods to use digital currencies for daily needs only appeared recently. There’s a huge demand for solutions that allow instant crypto usage. Embily designed a versatile platform for crypto finance management with an integrated fiat gateway. The company issues co-branded Mastercards and UnionPay prepaid cards with an instant cryptocurrency top-up option.

Embily strives to give users ultimate financial freedom through ubiquitous access to crypto-assets, easy conversion ability and a worldwide withdrawal option. However, having only a web version creates barriers to the company’s global goal. There is a need to develop a multi-platform mobile application.

The requirement was to develop, from scratch, a multifunctional mobile banking application which includes all the specific features of the original platform:

  • The inclusion of top-up capabilities for four cryptocurrencies - BTC, ETH, USDT & TRX.
  • Funds must be transferable from one account to another and between cards.
  • KYC should be passed via the app.
  • All features must be united in one user-friendly interface.


The Platinum Software Development Team was challenged to adapt all the platform’s capabilities equally well and for both iOS and Android operating systems. They were also combined with a smart UI/UX design. The option to instantly top-up using four popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT & TRX) was integrated too.

The app enables the KYC passing procedure on both the iOS and Android platforms. The interface was designed for convenient asset management, including fast funds’ transfers between cards or within the system. All incomes/expenses are accompanied by detailed information for more management convenience.

Improved security measures (TouchID and FaceID) were introduced to ensure that users’ funds are safe. Around-the-clock support function was also integrated to provide users with fast help on any matter.


The Platinum Software Development company created a universal banking application for Android and iOS platforms with an intuitive, user-friendly interface, as well as a diverse range of functions:

  • Account creation – An easy sign-up process for new customers.
  • Step-by-step online KYC service - KYC can be completed within the application in just a few minutes. All the steps are accompanied by a detailed description.
  • Easy account balance viewing – all the necessary data regarding balances has been compiled on one page: balance, recent transactions, and payment card data.
  • Detailed transaction history - The option to check income/expenses data in a convenient interface and with all the relevant details for each payment.
  • Fast account top-up for popular cryptocurrencies - The ability to instantly replenish balances with digital currencies (BTC, ETH, USDT & TRX) that use different blockchains. Crypto addresses can be generated with a QR-code.
  • Card-to-card money transfers - Absolutely secure transfers can be carried out between Embily cards via a card number or email address.
  • Convenient personal data management - A wide range of customer profile settings: changing password, email, phone, two-factor authorization, changing PIN code for the card, etc.
  • The utmost security - measures such as biometric authorization (TouchID, FaceID) are included in the app.
  • 24/7 support - customer support via a special request form and LINE chat integration.
  • Light and Dark themes - users can choose their preferred color scheme for the application.