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NOAH Blockchain

Multifunctional blockchain wallet
for the NOAH Project

STATUS: Finished


The Noah Project seeks to create a blockchain-enabled, digital assets-powered ecosystem. All financial transactions within this ecosystem will be carried out by the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Among other things, the project seeks to create a secure wallet to hold digital assets, a payment system, a transaction explorer and a blockchain-powered city-state, called the Noah City.


The secure storage is the primary problem involving digital assets. A cryptocurrency wallet is designed to store and manage funds. However, there is still a bunch of security issues that plague today’s wallets. While “cold” wallets are the most secure and highly preferred, they lack the agility of transferring funds quickly. “Hot” wallets, on the other hand, are always online and carry the risk of being hacked. Platinum Q DAO engineering has taken a challenge to build a user-friendly and secure crypto wallet to the Noah Project. Moreover, the solution should be integrated with NOAH - a digital asset on the new blockchain also developed by Platinum Q DAO Engineering.

Business Requirement

The client put forward the requirement of creating a secure, technologically advanced, feature-rich digital assets wallet that will solve the problems faced by current wallets, like:

  • The threat of attacks and hacks;
  • Rigid architecture makes difficult to change or store the funds;


The Platinum Q DAO Engineering team built an advanced, secure, multi-functional blockchain wallet that uses a sophisticated architecture integrating the best features of cold and hot wallets. The team of engineers has designed the entire wallet from scratch - from concept to deployment in less than two months.

We integrated additional features to make an effortless and seamless exchange between wallets and digital assets trading platforms. The platform is built with high-security standards for maintaining funds and preventing any security breach.


  • Secure Fund Custody – The system uses a complex structure of hot and cold storage to allow funding in a secure way.
  • “Safe exchange” Protocol - A cutting-edge feature that allows the safe exchange of digital assets from users’ wallets to crypto exchange.
  • Lockups system – This system will provide a buffer against the fluctuating prices, for individual users.
  • Ability to apply for citizenship of Noah City - This feature allows any individual to send their application to become a citizen of the Noah City, right from the wallet itself. If the application is successful, the new citizen gets a digital passport to the Noah City that affirms his or her citizenship on the blockchain.
  • Voting System - This is a key feature that helps citizens of Noah City to vote and create consensus on important aspects.
  • Support Centers - The different centers like the citizenship center, the income center or the information and announcement center are meant for providing different services necessary for the citizens, like video tutorials, information about the developmental roadmap, news, and events.