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Bounty Platform

Advanced Bounty Management
System for Q DAO Ecosystem

STATUS: Finished


The Q DAO digital assets project is an alternative financial ecosystem that contains stablecoins with values pegged to global currencies like USD, JPY, KRW, HKD, SGD, etc. These stablecoins offer traders multiple benefits such as a stable currency to trade in and a virtual asset with low entry barriers and faster transactions.

The Q DAO stablecoin ecosystem is controlled by the QDAO governance token. This token allows holders to participate in the governance process, build consensus, and help in keeping the price of the stablecoins from falling into extreme volatility.


Bounty programs are usually being run by crypto companies to attract a larger community. Such types of activities revolve around completing simple tasks and getting rewarded in the project’s native tokens. This is an excellent way for a startup to market new solutions and services.

However, bounty programs suffer from being haphazardly run. There is no single platform that utilizes all the features around the marketing campaigns of such a type. On the other hand, participants are complaining to non-receipt tokens even though they’ve completed tasks.

Business Requirement

The Platinum Q DAO Engineering team has received a request to create a unified and consolidated platform that offers a single point of contact for all bounty programs run within the Q DAO ecosystem.

The core challenge was to customize the solution within all the information related to past and currently running bounty programs, participants, their tasks, whether successful or not, and the number of tokens they accrued.


The Platinum Q DAO Engineering team created the USDQ Bounty Platform, where users by completing various tasks are rewarded with USDQ stable coin. It has been developed as a single source of all information about all bounty programs run within the Q DAO ecosystem.

The platform is robust and able to host more than 114,000 users which has processed more than 130,000 bounty tasks.


  • Secure account – The platform provides a high level of security to account holders with two-factor authentication as well as authentication via social networks. The system keeps a safe and secure record of all users’ actions and bounty-related transactions.
  • Multiple bounty options - The platform has nine types of available programs. It’s possible to customize almost every part of a bounty, starting from the description and messaging in different languages. Advanced option as the visualization from preinstalled skins for visual styles of bounties (e.g. Facebook, Google, Reddit, etc.) is also available. The tasks can be submitted multiple times by a user or provide the only one try for submission.
  • Allows multimedia postings – The user can choose to submit either a ‘Link’, ‘Article’ or ‘Image’ type of tasks. Multimedia data storage is available as well depending on the task type (e.g., it can be a link to a Facebook post, written blog post or a screenshot of some other completed action). Users can be rewarded by a fixed amount or a range of tokens between a predefined minimum to maximum. In each case, a moderator decides how many tokens to send depending on the quality of the performed task.
  • Reward system for social connect - The ‘Add Social’ feature allows users to receive rewards for registration or connection to social networks in their profiles. It is checked automatically and does not require manual moderation.
  • Social Action Bot - The Social Action Bot is a Telegram bot that checks whether a particular user has joined a specific telegram group. If the participant has joined the group, the bot sends a predefined number of tokens.
  • The ‘Quiz’ feature - This is the most sophisticated type of feature of the platform. This Quiz feature allows the owner to construct the questionnaire with any number of questions and answers including a flexible percentage of correct answers to pass. It can be easily set-up and also offers multilingual support (this means that you can manually enter the desired text in every language available).
  • Bounty widget - A powerful bounty widget can be placed on any website via a small piece of JavaScript. It establishes a connection with the bounty platform. It allows users to complete tasks from the platform right there, on a given site, without redirecting to the main site. Remote authorization and registration are also supported. All users land to the USDQ platform as if they were registered there.