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Q DAO Dashboard

Universal Tokensale Platform

STATUS: Finished


The Q DAO digital assets project is an alternative financial ecosystem that contains stablecoins with values pegged to global currencies like USD, JPY, KRW, HKD, SGD, etc. These stablecoins offer traders multiple benefits such as a stable currency to trade in and a virtual asset with low entry barriers and faster transactions.

The Q DAO stablecoin ecosystem is controlled by the QDAO governance token. This token allows holders to participate in the governance process, build consensus, and help in keeping the price of the stablecoins from falling into extreme volatility.


The Q DAO ecosystem was created as a result of the market need for stablecoins – digital assets which values have been pegged to traditional assets like fiat currencies or commodities. Crypto enthusiasts get the advantages of digital assets and the assurance of price stability. The crowdfunding platform attracted a large number of interested individuals who wished to participate in the token sale and buy the QDAO governance tokens.

The Q DAO management team and common users had a lot of demands in streamlining the process and having a comprehensive single touchpoint for all participants due to a multi-stage sale of the QDAO tokens. Moreover, it should provide all relevant information and activate the lock-ups of the tokens and other features.

Business Requirement

The Q DAO ecosystem conducts its token sale in a multi-stage manner with different lockup periods to ease the entire process and allow maximum participation of interested individuals. A comprehensive dashboard could solve the problem. It should unify and integrate features for easy monitoring all information about the token sale and assets through a single interface. A feature-rich, powerful and intuitive platform has to be developed in a short time frame.


The Platinum QDAO Engineering team developed a comprehensive dashboard that contains multiple informative sections that help to organize the whole process from buying and withdrawing tokens to participating in loyalty programs. Motivation tasks and bounty activities were able to perform inside and outside of the Dashboard due to deep integration with social services.


  • High level of security – Secure account with two-factor authentication as well as authentication via social networks to keep all users’ actions and records of transactions safe and secure.
  • 3-level referral system - A powerful 3-level referral system with a number of helpful features such as tracking of invitees and referral links along with tracking the source users come from, as well as detailed statistics of their actions and purchases.
  • Rank system – 6-level evolving program for every user. Each level contains specific tasks to be done. Outstanding bonuses and features get unlocked once the user successfully completes all tasks of a level. (E.g., filling in some info in a profile, buying some amount of QDAO, inviting some friends onto the platform, etc.)
  • Ability to buy QDAO - The Dashboard allows users to buy QDAO with dozens of cryptocurrencies during dedicated token sale rounds. Users can deposit the QDAO tokens on exchanges after the token sale period.
  • Promo-code system - This system generates promo-codes regularly to deliver exciting deals and discounts to Q DAO customers.
  • Curator feature - This feature allows users to ask questions and queries that will be immediately answered. Personal Curator guides through any questions or difficulties.