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QDAO DeFi Platform

DeFi and CeFi services

STATUS: Finished

The Client

QDAO DeFi was developed as the next stage of the QDAO Project’s evolution. QDAO development is fully led by the Platinum Software Development Company. QDeFi is also created for the needs of the QDAO community.

QDAO holders needed a convenient, safe and trustworthy interface to control DeFi and CeFi tools in the wake of Decentralized Finance’s growing popularity. Our business clients also needed a simple solution for the diversification of their services.


Decentralized finance (DeFi) became a hot trend in 2020. The total value locked in DeFi services exceeded $7 billion in just 6 months, showing a 10-fold growth. The demand for DeFi solutions is constantly growing. If the development of the market continues at the same pace, all finances will become DeFi by 2025.

Investors, traders and crypto enthusiasts are expressing great interest in DeFi and CeFi services. However, many of them are too complicated for users that lack specialized knowledge. Some DeFi projects follow the slippery path of scams, thus lowering the trust in decentralized finance as a whole.

The requirement was to develop, from scratch, a multipurpose DeFi and CeFi platform that includes all these specific features:

The Solution

The Platinum Software Development team started thorough work on the DeFi platform. An in-depth analysis of the market was carried out, as well as research on the specific services demanded by the QDAO Project community. The most popular services were identified and a separate QDAO DeFi ( module was developed, based on the results of the research:

  • Deposits. The program provides the opportunity to create deposit products with 14 of the most popular crypto assets, including BTC, ETH and USDT. The interest rates are on of the highest in the DeFi services market and reach as high as 10.37% per annum.
  • Loans. The solution provides crypto loans with a 100% approval rate. The formula used doesn’t require the sale of crypto assets but releases their fiat value with the possibility of quick repayment.
  • Cold storage. More than 100 assets are accepted for storage. Depositors' funds are protected by enterprise level security.
  • Tokenized shares. A recognized tool to help investors diversify their portfolio. The Platinum team has selected the best, steadily growing company stocks.


The Platinum Software Development Company created a competitive and intuitive DeFi that is capable of satisfying the needs of customers, through a variety of features:

  • Creation and addition of new products - users need only a few clicks to create adjustable products. They’re fast, intuitive and instant.
  • The opportunity to create products, depending on the date - participants can decide which terms to choose that fit their purposes to the max.
  • The option to connect multiple currencies - this opportunity creates flexibility for the portfolio.
  • Implementation of QDAO as a government token and collateral assets in crypto loans (under development)