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Affiliate Module

Affiliate module for Q DAO

STATUS: Finished


The Q DAO digital assets project is an alternative financial ecosystem that contains stablecoins with values pegged to global currencies like USD, JPY, KRW, HKD, SGD, etc. These stablecoins offer traders multiple benefits such as a stable currency to trade in and a virtual asset with low entry barriers and faster transactions.

The Q DAO stablecoin ecosystem is controlled by the QDAO governance token. This token allows holders to participate in the governance process, build consensus, and help in keeping the price of the stablecoins from falling into extreme volatility.


Referral systems are vital for keeping users motivated to get more newcomers into the project. This could be a handy instrument in any marketing strategy. However, traditional referral systems suffer from limitations and can reward users only up to 2-3 levels. The opportunities for earning rewards are limited in such a scenario. It can demotivate community members, and further growth of the affiliate network may not occur.

Business Requirement

It was necessary to rethink the entire strategy for the Q DAO ecosystem and come up with a solid solution to overcome the limitations of traditional referral systems. The new affiliate program was to provide the limitless potential and seemingly infinite possibilities for any user to earn rewards by referring friends to the platform. Moreover, participants should be able to pass on this opportunity to others so the cycle of earning profits will be continued.


The expert team at Platinum Q DAO Engineering developed a unique platform called Q MATRIX which is a separate, dedicated affiliate network service that uses cutting-edge technology to build an infinite referral matrix. It offers a new way for users to earn QDAO tokens inside the OTC by using their frozen tokens. Participants should invite 6 people inside the matrix to earn rewards.


  • Seamless authorizations – Users can easily and securely access data from OTC without visible authorizations.
  • Multi-level matrix - There are 3 types of the matrix: Start, Premium, Luxe. All of them have different prices, the higher one can be reached by purchasing the previous level.
  • No lock-ins – The best part about Matrix income is that it is not frozen and ready to withdraw as soon as it’s paid.
  • Comprehensive information and activity dashboard - It’s possible to overwatch all the matrices with invited people on a dedicated page. Users can generate a referral link and invite people or send invitation link via email right from this page.
  • Auto reinvestment feature - An auto reinvestment takes place after closing a matrix of a certain type. Users can infinitely invite referrals and receive profits.