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UBAI’s management team is a group of forward-thinking and experienced professionals in the field of emerging technologies that include blockchain. They have spent a considerable amount of their professional lives at the cutting-edge of technology, witnessing their applications to solve real-world problems. UBAI’s management team envisaged a holistic educational ecosystem that could train professionals in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies at all stages of their careers.They conducted a successful ICO to raise funds for this venture and set about creating a platform that could provide individuals and businesses with world-class education and consultancy services.


Blockchain technology, powered by cryptocurrencies, has enjoyed a lot of ‘buzz’ globally owing to its crucial role in helping to create an alternative financial system. Moreover, the number of use cases in many other industries has grown drastically, attracting swarms of people all seeking to learn more about the technology and be part of the transformation that it is bringing to the world.

Traditional academic institutions have still not been able to capitalize on the huge demand for courses on blockchain technology. The slack is, therefore, being taken up by non-traditional education by offering courses related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. However, these courses, currently present on multiple platforms, are poorly designed in a hasty bid to answer this huge demand. They are not created thoughtfully enough nor do they take into account future-readiness.

Business Requirement

The management of UBAI asked the expert team at Platinum Q DAO Engineering to create an entire educational eco-system and not merely a few courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

This ecosystem should encompass the entire knowledge-base required by learners – freshers, professionals and mid-career individuals alike – looking to sharpen their skills and excel in this field.

The courses should not only teach but also provide real-world skills that will either help learners to chart a rewarding career or accelerate their careers to the next level.


The expert team at Platinum Q DAO Engineering created an online platform that hosts courses designed by chosen experts from the field of blockchain and fintech. The courses have been developed with the level of the learner in mind – basic, intermediate and expert.

The platform provides ready-made courses and offers to upload interactive content in different file format for expert-level users. Thus, the imagination of the authors is not constrained. Courses can contain interactive lessons, audio and video recordings as well as webinars, facilitating the learner to consume the information and enrich their learning experience.

The platform also provides advisory and consultancy services to businesses in the fields of blockchain and fintech.


  • Interactive courses – The courses designed by renowned experts in the field of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and fintech are presented in an interactive manner, for easy learning.
  • Tests and assessments – A comprehensive assessment of the learner is performed after completion of each lesson, to gauge the learner’s understanding of the concepts in that lesson.
  • Certificate generation engine – An automatic certificate generation engine generates a completion certificate for all successful learners. This digital certificate is printable, can be shared on all social media platforms as well as with potential employers.
  • Payment gateway – An integrated payment gateway allowing the learner to make safe and secure payments for the courses they enrol onto.
  • Webinar platform – A state-of-the-art webinar platform that can host multimedia presentations and can accommodate large numbers of learners, for a seamless and effective live learning experience.
  • Investment research – A subscription-based analytical and investment advisory service. This is powered by an expert group of independent investment analysts that share time-sensitive and relevant information regarding investment opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.