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The Noah Blockchain

Blockchain Ecosystem
for the Noah City

STATUS: Finished


The Noah Foundation has been providing blockchain-powered services for the last few years. The client wished to create a decentralized financial ecosystem that benefits a wide range of stakeholders, such as migrant workers, businesses and individuals. Noah City is the world’s first blockchain-powered decentralized state that will uphold the true principles of a decentralized, consensus-driven democracy. The State pays dividends to its citizens rather than collecting taxes from them.


Blockchain technology has truly transformed many industries. In a short period of time, it has seen widespread adoption due to its ability to provide a huge boost to the efficiencies of almost all industries. Meanwhile, the full potential of this technology hasn’t been completely leveraged yet. The Noah Foundation decided to create a decentralized city that fully utilizes the blockchain technology. However, the management team faced the lack of neither technology nor tools for sufficient catering the vision of an ideal society.

The development team created a blockchain-based ecosystem that manages all the social and financial processes in the new Noah City such as voting, asset management, and even the entire banking system.

Business Requirement

The Noah Foundation was looking for a robust, comprehensive and technologically advanced platform that will bring the vision of Noah City to reality. The client wanted the development team to create an independent blockchain with critical features that will play a vital role in Noah City, like decentralized voting functions, financial services, ability to mint their own cryptocurrencies, and so on. The Platinum Q DAO Engineering team suggested developing an entirely new blockchain to meet the high-tech expectations of a future-ready Noah City.


The expert team at Platinum Q DAO Engineering developed the NOAH Blockchain Network based on the Tendermint Engine with DPoS consensus, making the new blockchain fast and reliable. It offers fast absolute wherein the transaction is immediately considered finalized once it’s included in a block.

The technological solution developed by the Platinum Q DAO Engineering team had multiple cutting-edge functionalities that influenced the infrastructure of Noah City. All the features like voting, governance, financial system, etc. were created from scratch after intensive brainstorming within the team.

The NOAH Blockchain Network effortlessly supports identity systems and digital rights, aspects that are at the core of the Noah City.


  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant – The robust architecture of the NOAH Blockchain Network makes it Byzantine-Fault tolerant – it can tolerate up to ⅓ of a network’s machines failing arbitrarily, including explicitly malicious behaviour.
  • One-Click Usability – With a wide range of delegation and validation tools, the team has created an easy-to-use, lightweight application that allows funds management. Users can also set up validator node, delegation and liquid token-minting functionality in one click.
  • State-of-the-art Explorer – The NOAH Blockchain Explorer allows easy monitoring of all aspects of the network in real-time - blocks and transactions, accounts, their balances and history of transactions, active validators on the network and minted coins.
  • Ability to mint own coins – The NOAH Blockchain Network provides a set of tools that allows users to create custom coins and transfer or exchange them instantly throughout the system.
  • Governance Protocol – A fool-proof governance-through-proposals protocol that allows any member to create a proposal about any aspect related to the community. This can be done after depositing a small amount and then taking the proposal to the voting stage.
  • Consensus Voting Protocol – All token-holders can vote on proposals put forward by any member. The voting power is proportional to the stake. Once the proposal reaches more than 50% of the positive votes, it gets implemented.