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Daria Volkova


Ms Daria Volkova is a Head of the Legal Department in Platinum company. She graduated from The Yaroslav Mudryi National Law Academy. After graduating, she was employed by the State Enforcement Office. a few years later she has found herself as a Senior Lawyer in International Law Firm, where Ms Volkova handled the affairs of more than 200 clients and was leading the legal side of the business of the transatlantic trade company “TATA”, based in Ukraine. High legal qualifications and interest in the сrypto sphere led Ms Volkova to study the subtleties of legislation on this topic. Over the past year, she took part in the legal audit more of 45 projects.


Disrespecting the Law at IEO stage or upon crowdsale completion will lead to:

A risk to be arrested upon request of the USA court

A bank account can be arrested as it happened with exchanges and smaller crypto projects many timest

A ban to enter the USA and a fraud reputation

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Our lawyers offer full legal support and leave nobody behind!
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Distributed team — the best you can ask for

Make Platinum world‑famous company

The name of Platinum must be as popular as Bitcoin but only in a positive sense.

Change the world for better

Blockchain technology is created for this and we want to accelerate its adoption!

Unite the toughest team ever

We want our team to be the best not only in the industry but in the whole world.

Give our teammates the opportunity for growth

The skills of our employees must be sharpening from day to day and we can grant it!

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