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About DeFi Rating Ark

Our aggregator provides essential information about DeFi projects, protocols and vaults. The choice of solutions is tremendous: to simplify the process of selecting investment options, we have introduced DeFi Rating. It is based on three important constituent parts: Basic Rating (technical), Experts' Rating and Users' Rating. By combining them all, we provide an objective and efficient evaluation that includes all these elements.

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Your one-stop-station for exploring DeFi

Why surf the net in search of information about protocols and projects? Our ultimate tool provides all the essential data concerning projects, helping viewers to choose the most profitable and reliable ones. Whether you need to promote your DeFi project or find a safe long-term crypto storage solution, DeFi Rating is the perfect instrument for doing this.

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Our Top Features

What makes DeFi Rating Ark an outstanding DeFi product?


It provides ample information about DeFi projects and protocols.


Experts and users can vote for projects, which makes evaluations more objective.


No centralized authority - the rating is created by users.



How can DeFi project teams benefit from DeFi Rating?

The rating allows projects to provide basic information, get listed in the Noah's Crypto Ark aggregator and attract more users.

How can users and investors benefit from DeFi Rating?

They will have access to detailed project descriptions, their profitability and their performance, assessed by experts and other users. It assists users in making informed investment decisions and finding the most profitable options while avoiding scams.

Can project teams influence the rating?

Qdefirating introduces the best practices to avoid rating manipulation. However, the Basic Rating depends on the information provided by the projects themselves. In order to be rated higher, creators should fill in the corresponding fields in the project profile. Qdefirating welcomes openness and transparency, like the entire DeFi community!

How is DeFi Rating calculated?

The Basic Rating has primary significance: it is calculated according to a complicated, dynamic, mathematical formula that includes many different variables (project data, profitability, ROI, market cap, transactions, etc). A bit later, this formula will also include Experts' and Users' ratings.

Why do you need to connect your wallet?

The process of voting for projects requires spending tokens - it proves that a voter owns the project's coin and has real experience of using it. Besides, Qdefirating will distribute reward coins and invitational coins among the contributors and early users.

What is PRO DeFi Rating?

The PRO Rating version includes additional services, predictions, portfolio management tools and tips for advanced users. It will couple the Basic DeFi Formula together with Q Learning capabilities. PRO Rating offers more in-depth project and APY analysis.

How to get invited for PRO Rating version testing

Connect your wallet, follow Qdefirating in social media and request an invitation to get whitelisted.

What if a DeFi project has a low rating?

A poor rating might be conditioned by many different factors: not enough information about the project, bad Expert or User feedback, etc. Qdefirating does NOT give financial advice - it's up to you to decide whether you want to invest in a project with a low rating. Assess your risks thoroughly. If your experience of using a low-rated DeFi project was positive, you can help raise its position by casting your vote.

What does the Technical Rating consist of?

The technical rating formula includes such variables as: Total Liquidity Value, Transaction Volume, Liquidity pool farming data, Foundation Date of protocols/pools, Profile Data, GitHub data, Smart Contact features, Profitability, Team profile, Governance token transactions... and so on. The more information the projects provide, the higher their Technical Rating is.

What is Noah's Crypto Ark?

This is a news and analytics portal, similar to CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko but specializing in only DeFi data. Noah's Crypto Ark will be available to everyone, not just to Noah City users.

How are Noah City and Noah's Crypto Ark connected?

The team behind Noah City have developed Noah's Crypto Ark aggregator. The aggregator and DeFi Rating will help people find the best DeFi analytics and ROI statistics for making profitable decisions with the help of our website. These services will also help to attract more traffic to Noah.

Will rating contributors get reward coins?

Yes, those who connect their wallets and follow us in social media will get invitational coins first. Those who vote and contribute to rating creation will be rewarded with coins, the name of which will be disclosed soon. These coins have no price and cannot be bought.

Is there any special reward for users related to Noah Project?

Yes, there is an internal reward for users making any contribution to develop the "Noah`s Ark" website and the Noah ecosystem. It's also given for staking NOAH and QDAO tokens on Uniswap, SushiSwap, Mooniswap and Balancer. These coins have no price and cannot be bought.

Why is it recommended to get a Noah`s DeFi Ark ticket?

It gives users access to exclusive financial information, for example, real-time ROI on most DeFi pools.

How do you get a Noah`s DeFi Ark ticket?

You can stake your NOAH and/or QDAO coins OR contribute to the development of the Noah`s Ark website and the Noah ecosystem and be rewarded with a Noah`s DeFi Ark ticket.


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